Preliminary Notes on My Parents

Just as my dad preceded my mom by a year in death, so did he in birth 64 years earlier.  Some of what I write about them here may be vague; really just notes at this point.

David R. Coughlin was born March 26, 1946 in New York State, Jamestown I think, but I’ll follow up on that later.  My  mom was born Judy Ann Elliston on April 8, 1947; not sure where but I think it was here in the Washington, DC area.  I’m just now starting to realize that I have a lot of questions to ask, and I’m thankful that I have people to turn to for that.

Dad grew up primarily in Fairfax County, Virginia.  Mom was from Montgomery County, Maryland although she spent parts of her childhood overseas in the Phillipines and London, England.  Both went to college at George Washington University in DC, where they met when my mom was 19.

My parents were married for several years before I was born in 1971 at Sibley Hospital in the District.  A month earlier, they’d bought the home of my childhood in Aldie, Virginia.

Three years later my sister Moira was born, and nine years after that our parents separated and subsequently divorced.  My mother, sister and I  moved 12 miles north to Leesburg and Dad moved to a little house on the water in Maryland.

He remarried in 1989, but my mom  never  even dated as far as I know.   Dad’s wife Linda eventually became one of the most important people in my life, and she is a huge part of my story.  More on Linda and our relationship to come in a future post.

Time to wrap this up for the morning; more to come soon….

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